High Street Wealth Warriors Fund

The High Street Wealth Warriors Fund is a global investment fund intended to provide long-term capital growth using a top-down thematic approach. Focus is placed on the disruption of conventional industries through the shifting of competitive forces resulting from technological innovation and changes in consumer behavior. Exposure is primarily taken through developed market equities, although the fund may take limited exposure to other asset classes.

Investment themes include: the digitalization of traditional media, medical innovation, dependence on software applications and the development of the online marketplace in general.

Download our monthly fact sheet (MDD) for August 2019 HERE.

High Street Global Balanced Fund

Boeing, Nike, Volkswagen…. these are some of the leading global brands which have already impacted the lives of most South Africans. However, these global titans have only just begun to penetrate most emerging markets which leaves significant runway, track or road ahead of them to continue growing profits.

The South African market accounts for less than 1% of globally listed companies. In order to partake in the remaining 99%, local investors are encouraged to geographically diversify their investment portfolios. Not only does this broaden one’s investment horizon but it also hedges against any local economic, political and currency risk. 

The High Street Global Balanced Fund is domiciled in Ireland under the regulation of the Central Bank of Ireland. It is a US Dollar denominated fund, managed from South Africa, with the objective of generating a moderate return while incurring as little risk as possible.

The fund invests in all the major regions across the globe, while the core positions will be invested in blue-chip companies with operations in developed, stable markets. Funds are allocated among three asset classes, namely: corporate paper, high-yielding equities and property stocks. The asset allocation is flexible and is dependent upon the prevailing risk/return profiles of each asset class that we feel will culminate in reaching our targeted Dollar return of US Inflation (CPI) +3% per annum*.

*This return is a target and not a guarantee

Download our monthly fact sheet (MDD) for July 2019 HERE.


Global Bespoke Portfolios

Ideally suited for individuals, or trusts, looking to open offshore accounts in their own name. The portfolios, actively managed by High Street, are constructed on an ad hoc basis to meet your needs

We have the capabilities to invest in all the major international markets across most asset classes. This allows us access to companies specialising in fields beyond the scope of South African firms. When coupled with the flexibility we have in asset allocation, we are able to tailor a portfolio around your return objectives.