High Street manages bespoke portfolios tailored to your requirements, whether it be in the quest for capital growth, yield or to preserve your retirement nest-egg. Through our platforms, we are able to accomodate clients seeking to invest their savings in the market or requiring professional management of their retirement funds.

Our methodology entails constructing a core holding in quality, high-yielding shares that are generally defensive in nature. In the pursuit of excess capital growth, we compliment our core holdings with smaller companies in which we have an in-depth understanding and are often overlooked by the investment community. Outside of equities, we also look to invest in bonds and preference shares, listed property and commodities should the prevailing market climate justify the investment.


Our high-yielding platform was launched in 2012 with the aim of offering our clients a secure, personalised product that generates a consistent yield on investment coupled with the potential for capital growth. Our mandate affords us the flexibility to invest across a wide variety of asset classes which we feel will culminate in meeting your objectives. The portfolios are geographically focused on South African listed equities and are limited to employing a long-only strategy.

 As each portfolio is constructed on a bespoke basis, we are able to cater for investors across the risk spectrum from Baby Boomers to Millennials while accommodating for your unique requirements.


High Street launched its retirement platform in 2011 with the aim of offering our clients a secure, personalised product in compliance with Regulation 28 of the FAIS Act. In an attempt to connect with our clients and ensure you have complete transparency of your investment at all times, client’s may obtain direct, real-time access to their portfolios through an online platform.

As per the Act, retirement funds are permitted to invest 25% of the portfolio value offshore which we typically take advantage of depending on the Rand/Dollar exchange rate. This is just one of the mechanisms we utilise to maximise returns while avoiding all unneccessary risks that could put your future lifestyle at jeopardy.