Mike Patchitt 
Fund Management

Michael Patchitt entered the 
investment industry in 1987. After a prosperous spell at UAL, he moved on to start Coronation Equities for the Coronation Group. In 2011 he set up High Street Holdings.



Andrew Roy 
(CA (SA))
Executive Director

Andrew Roy, better known as Tubby, had 10 years in financial markets with Inet, UAL Securities and Coronation Securities before moving into general commerce in 2003.


Ross Beckley
(BCom, Finance Hons, CFA)
Fund Management

Ross began his career as a research analyst at Centaur Asset Management and moved to High Street in 2012. He brings an analytical perspective to our investment process and is a keen student of quantitative analysis. He has passed the CFA Level III exam. 


Olivia Maxton
Office Manager

 Olivia is in charge of client relations,  managing the office as well as  overseeing the ongoing  administrative functions.


Rhoan Potgieter, 
(BCom, Finance Hons, CFA)
Fund Management

Rhoan joined High Street in September 2016 after two years as a research analyst at ClucasGray. 
He has an Honours Degree in Financial Analysis & Portfolio Management. He has passed the CFA Level III exam. 


James Whitehouse 
(Bsc Chem Eng Hons)
Non-Executive Director

James began his career in the engineering sector where he spent 8 successful years before moving into general management. Following the move, James went on to co-found Armite Investments in 2005.

High Street Asset Management (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of High Street Holdings (Pty) Ltd which makes us more than just an asset manager. We also have a private equity and property arm, High Street Capital (Pty) Ltd, managed by experienced personnel with impressive track records. 
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